I Am Going to Be out of Work for Awhile

At the time I did not really feel too much, I was in the back seat of cab with this girl and two other guys. We had been out drinking and dancing and it was around three in the morning. They tell me a truck hit the cab, but I could not say. Of course everyone else was buckled up and it did not hurt them too much. My face got the worst of it and they say I should go to an aesthetic medical clinic in Singapore if I do not like the scar that was left behind. Obviously hospitals try their best not to leave a big scar on your face, but there is a scar just the same. My idiot friends say I should tell people I got it dueling, like I went up against Zorro or something like that. They claim that the girls would love that. Of course it is not that big of a deal to me. It is a scar, but it is actually possible to cover most of it by wearing my hair differently and that is what I have been doing.

Honestly I think I would be more upset if it had cut me above the hairline, since I think I would have lost a significant amount of hair in a place where it would have been really hard to work around it. Of course it could have been a whole lot worse, the driver was really banged up and I hear that he is still in the hospital and that he will have to rehab before he will be able to walk right. I am not walking with a limp, although for a little while I was really bent over when I moved around and they thought I might need a cane for a few weeks.