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History Of Cannabis

Ancient Chinese people have known and used cannabis in their daily lives since the stone age. Chinese people use cannabis for woven clothing, medicine, and healing therapies such as rheumatism, stomach ache, and malaria.

Cannabis or marijuana is also processed for lamp oil and even for religious ceremonies such as worshiping gods and rituals of death. Essentially, cannabis itself is considered an ordinary wild plant like grass that grows anywhere because the soil is suitable. It’s just that, cannabis is not just grown on the ground that is not in accordance with the culture of this plant. Cannabis requires land characters and certain geographical factors, such as in China, Thailand, and Aceh. While in other parts of the world such as Europe, Africa, and America, cannabis can also grow, but the results are not satisfactory unless it must be with a touch of advanced technology, it is also very difficult to apply.

Another popular nickname for cannabis is marijuana, which comes from the Portuguese language (mariguango) which means intoxicating items and for the scientific language called Cannabis. The term cannabis was popularized by the Rastafari, the adherents of the Rasta sect in Jamaica rooted in Jews and Egypt.

cannabis is divided into two parts, namely cannabis for industrial and medical purposes, namely Hemp type of cannabis. you can now also get medical marijuana canada legally if you live around there. if you need cannabis for medical purposes, you can see the information from licensed producers Canada

One reason why cannabis is a forbidden plant is that of THC. This substance can cause users to become drunk for a moment if it is misused. Actually, the levels of THC substances in cannabis plants can be quality controlled and levels if cannabis is managed and monitored with the right process.

In addition, cannabis is also a symbol of resistance to the current globalization imposed by the capitalist state on developing and developing countries. As for the Hindu Indians themselves, cannabis is used in worship rituals against Lord Shiva. Not to mention the Rastafarians in Jamaica who greatly adore cannabis and can get closer to God because of it.

Cannabis turned out not only to that extent, even the hemp type of cannabis plant fibers had been used for the ropes of the United States Marine Fleet warships during World War II. Of course after being processed first. A data from cyberspace states, cannabis fiber after being given a touch of technology, its superiority exceeds steel and its smooth fiber can defeat cotton fiber.