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The benefits of writing shorts stories gives the human mind the ability to release excess stress from different thoughts and ideas the mind might have. Many scientist have tried to make technology that resembles the human brain but at times the human brain turns out superior. Writers work in various roles and industries, from print publishing to medical and technical manual writing.

There are various artists that manage to write different types of writing, which involves the writing of long stories which are expressed in novels.

Due to the emergence of technology, online writing has taken over the modern world, this makes work easier for newspaper editors to post various different post and also to enhance efficiency of completing jobs in time.

Some of the companies of writing are British based companies due to the broad and famous writing skills in the English language.

Some of the writing companies are family owned where traditional writers and poets due to the fame, the artists came up with family names where the brands of the names were created to give way for the business success.

The advantage of online writing is that there are different online companies that have different freelancing writing topics that pay very good salaries.

Information about what happens in the modern world can help also to improve your skills since at times you won’t need to use resources to research about something you already know.

The advantages of writing can come with benefits such as the broadening of the human mind, which ends up to having more knowledge on various rare and unique issues affecting the society.

Some in house writers work for a full time salary at a publication company, mostly writing on a freelance basis, pitching a story idea and writing for a payment based on word count rather than hourly rate.

Writing is a practice you can continue for the duration of your life, unlike other jobs that require more agility, physical stamina, and social interaction.

When you are involved with online article writing, you can create a living resume that attracts clients in need of website copy, blog posts, and research purposes.

Journalists spend a lot of time doing interviews and visiting different place where some places becoming dangerous for journalism.

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