The Battle is Finally over

At the aesthetic clinic in Orchard, I had some acne scars removed. I’ve gone through a long battle with acne for many years, and the scars are what I would call battle scars. I’ve gone through a lot of products in an attempt to get rid of the acne, and through some kind of miracle, I finally beat the acne. The damage had already been done, and I was left with a face full of scars that were rather unsightly. I couldn’t stand looking in the mirror because the scars looked so bad. I tried to cover them up with makeup, but it didn’t look so great.

I learned that I could go to the clinic and get the scars removed from a friend of mine who knew about my condition. She heard about clinic from an advertisement and suggested that I go see them. I went to the clinic and asked the doctors there what kind of treatment they could use to get rid of the scars, and they told me about some that would work really well. We decided on the best one for my skin and set up an appointment to have it done.

Going through the treatment was like a last rite of passage for me. I was finally able to get rid of the last remnants from the time when my face was riddled with acne. Now that the acne and scars are gone, I feel different. I don’t look at my face in the same way as I used to in the past. Before, I hated looking at my face and would even call myself ugly because of the acne and scars, but now I see that underneath that, there was a beautiful person all along. Other people have complimented me after getting the scars removed.