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The Duties of a DUI Attorney

When you are pulled over for a DUI, you are in serious trouble. You will have to get a criminal defense lawyer to offer their services in getting you bailed out and ready to face a judge. Your chosen attorney has to be competent enough to beat the system and ensure you stay out of jail.

When you get pulled over for driving under the influence, you need to work towards preventing your license from being suspended. You need a criminal defense lawyer to start working on this, as well as getting you out and keeping you out of jail.

If it is your first time you can be released without further ado, and even taken home if you are unable. Should there be a need for bail money, your lawyer can arrange for that.

When you are out, you need to arrange for a proper defense.The minute you are free, start working on a suitable defense. It is not easy to do this part. You have to take on the prosecutor, then the department of motor vehicles. This process does not last long, normally lasting as long as ten days from when you got arrested.

You will have to either plead guilty or not guilty fast. Normally, people plead not guilty and get a chance to build their case and lessen the charges. You need to have ample time to review all the facts in the case, as well as the manner in which it was handled, to name a few. This will determine your freedom.

There normally occurs a lot of things in the time between when you were arrested to when you were given your charges, that could have a bearing on the case’s chances. A few examples could be things like whether your rights were read to you, whether the blood testing gave accurate results, and whether the blood samples were taken in the right way. There are many strategies that could be deployed to get you freed.

There are cases where the credibility of the arresting officer can be put to test. They may have done a rush job with their report, or embellished certain details to fatten their report. Their intention to stop may have not been legal. These are thing that can be dwelt on in court.

You may also find yourself facing a very compelling arsenal of evidence. You may at this point consider pleading guilty to the charges. Those who plead guilty sometimes get their penalties and fees reduced. It is the job of your lawyer to plead with the judge that instead of you going through a long trial, you start serving the punishment immediately after the plea.

No matter the manner in which you decide to handle it, you need a good DUI attorney to keep you from going to jail. Having such a professional gives you a better chance of getting back to your life.

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