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Churches – My Most Valuable Advice

Going To Church: Reasons Why You Should Even If Others Aren’t

For many people today, taking the time and effort in going to church is no longer as important as it was before and proof of that is the fact that church attendance has fallen significantly. This is something that’s not only true to baptist churches but to all other Christian denominations. It may be true that people find more than a handful of reasons not to go to church, but haven’t you considered the reasons why you also must go?

Jesus didn’t miss out on weekly worship.

You should know that Jesus always made sure He spent most of his time at the place of worship. What’s even more remarkable is that this commitment began when he was still young. This is unfortunately quite the opposite to how children today view church as many feel that they don’t need to go. So, if our Lord made going to the place of worship a priority, then why shouldn’t we follow it?

Even early Christians went to weekly worships without question.

The New Testament made mention that the first Christians were committed to gathering every first day of the week, which literally translates to spending Sunday as the day of the Lord. People assembled for a great reason, which was to study God’s Word. Considering how early Christians dedicated themselves to church back in the day, it’s painful to see the new generation has no longer the same commitment to go to church even if it really isn’t a burden.

God instructed all of us to go to weekly worship.

Remember that God’s declaration should be powerful enough to convince you how important it is to go to church. Some things are meant to be obeyed and followed as they are part of God’s declaration and one of them is worship. It is every Christian’s responsibility to go to church because that is the only way to profess our love to Jesus.

Finding your way to church every week is good for you.

It might be true that there are a handful of other things you might see as more important than going to church on a Sunday, but you do have to realize as well that there are six other days of the week where you could do other things you love doing. Although it’s quite hard to accept, but there are people out there who does not believe there still is sense in going to church since they couldn’t find a reason to go. If you happen to be one of those people, we recommend that you take a deep breath and figure out why churches exist. God created the first day of each week for people to experience spiritual edification and encouragement. This means going to church is something that you must do not as a favor to the Lord, but a favor to yourself.

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