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Celebrating Like I Used to Back at Home

Since I stayed at the Treasure at Tampines during the July 4th holiday, I wasn’t able to celebrate with my parents. Usually we have a huge barbecue and many of my family and friends come over, and after eating, we light fireworks outside and watch them explode. It was impossible for me to do that with my family and friends this year because I’m miles away from them. I decided to have my own little celebration with the friends that I’ve met while staying in Singapore. I bought some meat from the store to cook and my friends, and one of my friends bought some firework to light.

Everyone was excited to hear that I would be having a celebration and offered to bring dishes and supplies. This was a big help to me, because it took the burden of buying cutlery, plates, paper towels, and side dishes away from me. Another friend wanted to make some alcoholic drinks. He had been working as a bartender for a couple of weeks and wanted to show off what he learned on the job. He claimed that he invented a new kind of tasty drink that would get people feeling buzzed in only a few sips.

I made a special spice rub to put on the meat and made my father’s secret sauce. He passed down the recipe to me and told me not to share it with anyone else outside of the family. The ingredients that are in the sauce are all things that could be easily found in any grocery store, and once someone tastes the sauce, they could probably figure out what is in it, but my father didn’t care. Everyone had a good time at the celebration and ate until their stomachs were full, and we loved seeing the fireworks explode in the air.