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Tips on How to Find the Right Life Coach for You in Vancouver

Caution is of much importance when looking for a life coach. Unluckily, there are many people who are referring to themselves as professional coaches. But, these coaches do not have knowledge in the relevant fields. Definitely, you know what life coach is. Now that you need a life coach, you do not know how to choose a good life coach.You can use the following ways to be able to identify a good life coach for you.

You should look for a coach who is credentialed with the ICF. ICF is a body that supports life coaches and credentialing them In comparison to other professions, life coach has least rules and oversight since there is no particular state that licenses life coaches. Hence, it is important to choose a coach with certification from ICF. A certified life coach will go by the ethical standards and guidelines provided by ICF.

You should also choose a coach with experience in coaching. For people who refer to themselves as life coaches, they do not give all their time to full-time life coaching. A large number of them have less than ten customers at any particular time. This implies that these coaches do not have adequate time to become professional coaches. Experience is very important like in any other profession. Although a coach can be very useful in the beginning, it is vital to get someone with experience so that you can get assistance and be able to go to where you want to go.

Someone who has knowledge in related fields is preferable when choosing a life coach. You can get a lot of help from life coaches with knowledge in related areas though it is not a requirement for a good coach. This is since the process behind life coaching is determined by some other imperative professions such as mentoring, counseling and consulting.

It is evident that there are life coaches who are well-intentioned out there who are not good at what they do. Some of them feel that they can become life coaches just because they have expertise in life. Others get into life coaching because they feel they are pretty good at giving people advice. Besides, these coaches do not possess any training in life coaching. Or else, in case they are certified, their certification has not been accredited. When looking for a life coach, make sure you look for someone with credentials and one who is certified.

Therefore, you can use the above tips to identify the right life coach for you in Vancouver.

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