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A Few Reasons the Mighty is Considered the Best Portable Vaporizer by Many

All the plastic might be a bit of a turn off, and it’s a well known fact that The Mighty loses some major points in the portability category due to its clunky size, but there are still many reasons to consider this at least one of the best portable vaporizer options out there today. Storz and Bickel are the innovative creators of The Volcano, so their choices in designing this vape have some pretty solid reasoning behind them.

  1. Ease of use minus any fragility. The Mighty is a super simple gadget that anyone can learn to use in just a few minutes. You don’t need to download an app and control everything through your phone, but it delivers high tech vapor quality just like those expensive models which include this. There’s a lot less room for anything to go wrong when there’s less components involved, and that is certainly true when it comes to The Mighty’s one big orange power button and two temperature control buttons. The display is also simple and clear.
  2. The battery life on this beast is incredible, the best in fact. Though the size might make it lumpy in your pocket, you can just toss it in your backpack and rest assured that your vape will survive seshing for hours on end. Lower temperatures will give you even more battery life, and on top of that the heating chamber is a good distance from the batteries themselves. This is a flaw many vapes suffer from which quickly decreases the total charge capacity of their batteries, since they are always being superheated, but The Mighty thought that through.
  3. I might be strange seeing the plastic mouthpiece and the claims of incredible vapor flavor, but it’s true. Storz and Bickel chose to implement plastic so that it’d be tough and durable, and wouldn’t be too heavy, or get scratched up. They used the very best plastic though so as not to compromise the flavor and all the expert reviewers out there agree that they pulled it off splendidly.
  4. Functional design. The cool grated coils in the middle of the model don’t serve just to create a cool sci-fi vibe. It actually provides an efficient way to disperse heat, so when you’re taking advantage of that battery life for a nice long sesh, the machine will never get too hot in your hand.

There’s plenty of others on the market that someone could consider the best portable vaporizer, but The Mighty is a perfect model for someone who just needs some Volcano-quality vapor when visiting friends and stuff.